Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby, its cold outisde.

Okay, it is cold. When I got to work this morning it was 37 degrees. Now I know some of you are thinking, "that is not all that cold!" Well here is So. Cal, let me assure you, it is. At my work, the front reception area is mostly glass, from floor to ceiling. With the parents constantly opeing the doors to drop off thier kids, it gets really cold in here. (and the space heater for my desk is not working)

So, in a moment of weakness I decided to use my 10 min. break to go and get coffee. There is a Starbucks near by ( be still my beating heart) but they are a bit busy, so I went to It's a Grind. Okay, my caramel macchiato is the best I have ever had. Now that is a strange statement for me to make since I am a Starbucks FIEND!!! Plus I got this wonderful and very tasty, blueberry scone. I am in Heaven.

Okay, now to my crafting news. I am back to knitting like a fool. I am doing scarves and such for family, so I am busy once again. All my free time is used for crafting these days. With all the stamping and crafting I have to do for gifts, my poor hands are shot.

Here is the real kicker. I have a bag swap & 24- 6x6 pages due on Tuesday, 20 cards, and 12 snowman soups on Friday. he bag swap has 3 homemade items, including a scarf. I am gonna be BUSY!!!

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