Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, many events are taking place today. I cannot begin to even fathom how I will get through today.

Last night I did my 6 x 6 layout for my meeting tomorrow. I am not sure if I like it. It is really plain. I may to spice it up a bit. So, that may be on the agenda for today.

This morning I used my new hair spray I got. I have to say I really like it. My hair was easy to work with, great hold and lots of shine. I will see how it holds up through the day. Kenra is one of those products that you cannot get anywhere but from the distributor or a salon. I like that. After doing hair for over 15 yrs. I am tired of seeing professional products on drugstore shelves. It takes away from a stylists' recommendations. There is just no quality control anymore. UGHH! Okay, sorry for the rant.

So, back to the events of the day.

When I get off of work today at 12:30, I get to head to Patrick's allergy appt. This time he will be getting a FULL Panel of test for foods. You should see this list I have. Yikes. But, we get to choose some things we want him tested for. I hope this helps to solve the mystery a bit more. He is just miserable, he has been off his creams and his antihistamines for over 2 weeks and his eczema is OUT OF CONTROL. So, I called his prescriptions in and they are ready to go when he gets done.

Tonight is the big night!!!

Yes, Harry Potter release party at Barnes and Noble. I am excited to go. I am excited for the new book. I am NOT excited for the series to end. Sigh! Now, the big question is.....can I keep from reading the end first. I did not do it on the previous book, but will all that has to happen with this book, I can make no promises.

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Dorinda said...

I am out of my Kenra mousse! Thanks for the reminder and the recommendations!