Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last night!!!

Last night I took my oldest son and friend Anna to see Jeremy Camp . We had a great time and even got to meet him and get his autograph! Every time I listen to him or go a to concert, I just feel renewed in my love for Christ!

If you have never listened to him, I suggest you pick up a CD! Beyond Measure and Restored are my favs!


Deb said...

Wow! This looks absolutely amazing! I love doing things that fill my spirit with renewed fervor for God! Nothing does that better than great Christian music! How cool that you got to meet the artist and get his autograph!

I just got home from a lay speakers' certification wonderful to be around a group who so love God and feel compelled to serve Him!

Lorraine said...

what a great mom you are bringing your son and friend to a concert. I've never heard of him before but will be checking out his music. thanks for sharing

Lesly said...

How fabulous! I wish we lived somewhere besides "the middle of nowhere" in Colorado and didn't have to drive over three hours to Denver to take in a concert like this. Maybe next summer we can "head over the hill" and take one of his concerts in.

Carmen said...

I love Jeremy Camp! Greta pic of him too. I love that you took your son how awesome is that! I too love Christian music, now I have to go see if I have any of his songs on my playlist.