Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have a bunch of pictures to upload this afternoon and instructions on how to make some of the items. I guess we call that a tutorial. LOL

This week at work has been bosses week. We don't do that whole bosses "day", too many of them to fit in one day. So, I have been mischievous and trying to play "pranks" on my bosses all week. Two more of them to go tomorrow and then we are done. Sigh!

Yesterday we got my boss, Wendy! In a coloring book we found a sheet that says "Wendy for Governor" so we had all the kids color a sheet and we put them up in our hallways. Then the adults wore *badges* that said "Vote for Wendy" and had her picture on it.

Today, we got our boss, Kim. We put 15 of those punching balloons in her office. We had all the staff sign die cut balloons and put those on her door and wall. There is also a sign that says "Ms. Kim likes to roll with the "punches"!

Tomorrow we will fill Adah's office with stuffed animals and put a sign that says "Adah's Ark" above her door (she loves Noah's ark) and Jamie will get a sign that says, "Jamie's Boutique"(she is a "shoe" in for boss of the week) and we are filling her office with her shoes stolen from her house by her mom. (she has a huge thing for shoes!) I am planning on taking pics and posting them, so I will do that on Saturday after it is all over!

Until then.. imagine my evil laugh and my worn out body! (hey, it's not easy being sneaky!!)

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