Thursday, August 16, 2007

Toooooooo FUNNY!!!!

She learned to stamp on Monday.Her work was so very fine,she forgot to thaw out dinner,so we went out to dine.
She stamped cards on Tuesday.She says they are a must.They really were quite lovely,but she forgot to dust.
On Wednesday it was a scrapbook,she says the cropping's fun.What hi-lites! What shadows!...But the laundry wasn't done.
Her embellishments were on Thursday,green, yellow, blue and red.I guess she really was engrossed,she forgot to make the bed.
It was journalling on Friday,with words that she adores.It never bothered her at all,the crumbs on all the floors.
I found a maid on Saturday,my week was now replete.My wife can scrap the hours away.The house will still be neat.
Well, it's already Sunday,I think I have the cramp.I’ve cursed and raved and ranted,The MAID has learned to STAMP!!!!
Author – unknown

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flygirlual said...

too funny!!!!